The gallery features works by a variety of artists, many local and some from far-flung regions. We started with art by family and friends, and the network is expanding.

Leslie Dempsey

Founder Gallery@RoadsEnd

Website:Portfolio on Weebly

Leslie is a multi-media artist brimming with energy and ideas. She is the driving force behind the gallery.

For more of Leslie's art, visit Lummi Island Gallery and Leslie on WEAD - the Women's Environmental Artists Directory.

Paul Dempsey

Co-founder Gallery@RoadsEnd

Website:Portfolio on Weebly

At left is one of the new 'Symmetry' series now on view at the Gallery@RoadsEnd.

Paul’s abstract paintings and drawings evoke landscapes, aerial photographs, or views through the microscope. The works feature dynamic composition, textures, detail, and a painterly handling of the materials. Paul brings a common sensibility and technical approach to works in pen-and-ink, watercolor on paper, acrylic on panel, and digital painting, often blurring the distinctions between media. Yet, each medium is used to distinctive advantage. These images do not yield a quick surface reading or narrative. Return viewings yield new discoveries and delights.

Paul is also showing new Paintings at Lummi Island Gallery.

Wee Wanderings

Microlandscape Designer

Website:Wee Wanderings

Living Landscapes at Dollhouse scale.

Somewhere on a forested island in the Salish Sea, a little world is blooming...

I first discovered miniature gardening when I wanted to do something interesting with my deck pots. My rule is that all the plants are living and appear as correctly scaled as possible. This is not bonsai, although the pots tend to constrict tree growth.

These tiny worlds are great for a deck if yard space is not available or when hungry deer come munching. Pots can be connected into a larger scene, or stand alone as a vignette. And if you move, they come with you!

Some of my plants are up to eight years old now. I always plant perennials. There are so many plants with little leaves, flowers, and even fruit. Strangely the only pests I have are in perfect scale: miniscule snails and slugs - it's hard to hate them.

Cyndi Perry


Website:Portfolio on Weebly

Cyndi Perry works from the Sierra foothills in California, painting, photographing miniature scenes, crafting lovely jewelry, and making cards.

Tom Dempsey


Tom Dempsey is a travel photographer and photography workshop instructor based in Seattle, WA. Inspired by mountains and natural patterns, Tom has published images worldwide and wrote the book Light Travel: Photography on the Go, which teaches and inspires outdoor photography by revealing the magic of portable digital cameras. The gallery carries Light Travel plus framed and matted prints of some of his favorites photos.

Carol Dempsey


Website:Portfolo on Weebly

Carol is an art quilter based in Seattle, WA. Carol specializes in contemporary twists on traditional block patterns, often featuring hand-dyed or printed fabrics designed specially for her quilts. She likes to experiment with advanced quilting and fabric art techniques.